Thursday, March 25, 2010

schindler house

Jesse laughs at me every time I say this, but I've really been wanting to visit an "architectural landmark" in the LA area (that comes straight from a category in my "Top Ten in Los Angeles" guidebook). So, a few Sundays ago, we chose #3, the Schindler House, the 1922 private home and studio of architect Rudolf Schindler. It reminded me a lot of a house I toured in Japan (if I was more ambitious, I would dig out those pictures and compare), particularly in the way the indoor and outdoor space are so integrated...something that can only really be done in climates like this one. It was surprisingly modern and edgy - with concrete floors and walls - for the 1920s. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring more modern California architecture. On top of seeing cool architecture, we had kind of a fun Los Angeles moment when we drove by a big event in West Hollywood and wondered what it was...later on the news, we recognized it as the Elton John Oscar party.


  1. That bathroom sure looks cozy...

    but then I assume a giant pink loofah would look a bit out of place in there.

  2. If we go there again, maybe I will try to sneak one in. :)